For almost 40 years the Dover Sherborn Education Fund has delivered on its mission of providing resources to the Dover-Sherborn school system to enhance and enrich the classroom and school environment. DSEF has always been a private, volunteer non-profit that is proud of the role it has played in our school system and our beloved Dover-Sherborn community. Thanks to generous donors like you, DSEF has funded over $4 million in educational programs for grades K-12. 

However, we have found post-Covid that we can no longer maintain the appropriate membership on our board to be good stewards of the money contributed to our organization. Unfortunately, that means that we will have no alternative but to disband the board which we plan to do over the next 6 months. We will use the time prior to closing to focus on distributing funds to other school boards and organizations. The key criteria we will use in determining which boards and organizations will receive these funds are that they are local to Dover-Sherborn and are in a position to ensure your generous gifts are being used to fulfill the mission to which you originally donated. 

The following organizations will continue the mission of DSEF and will continue to benefit from your financial support:

Chickering PTOhttps://www.doverpto.org/support-our-school
Pinehill CSAhttps://www.pinehillschoolcsa.org/
MS POSITIVEhttps://sites.google.com/site/dsmspositive/home?pli=1
DSHS PTOhttps://sites.google.com/site/dshspto2015/home

Thank you again for your support and your contributions over the years. 


The Dover Sherborn Education Fund Board