African Drums Enrich Elementary Schools

Throughout the year the Dover Sherborn Education Fund (DSEF) is proud to highlight many of the grants they have funded throughout the Dover and Sherborn schools.  Parents often hear about the grants but rarely get to witness the power of these grants firsthand.  That changed for many who attended the Dover Sherborn Regional Choral Concert on Wednesday, January 11th at Mudge Auditorium.

In the spring of 2011, a shared grant was awarded to the music departments at Chickering and Pine Hill Schools for a set of African drums with the intent of bringing a new and fun dimension to the music curriculums at both schools. Concert goers were treated to a choral selection from each of the grade schools that incorporated the African drums.  The Pine Hill chorus, led by Kelly Hodge, performed “World of Music” by Teresa Jennings.  The Chickering chorus, led by Ida Pappas, performed Cantar! by Jay Althouse.  It was clear that the students enjoyed performing these pieces as much as the audience enjoyed listening to them!