DSEF Grants Enhance Learning at Chickering and Pine Hill

Teachers at the Chickering School in Dover are looking to maximize student learning through the use of technology. Below is a link to a Utube video that highlights how teachers are using Beebots, Interactive WhiteBoards and Ipads at the Chickering School, all of which were at least partially funded by DSEF grants.


Thanks also to a DSEF grant, Laurie Ryan, Librarian/Media Specialist at Pine Hill reports that the Makerspace is up and running! Students are able to use the exciting tools purchased through the grant during library classes and recess time. They are working in small groups to find creative ways to use the LittleBits modules as they imagine and create circuits. Everyone loves the huge array of craft materials that are available and they are combining them with the technology tools in fun ways. The ProBot cars are another wonderful tool. Students are coming up with their own challenges and problems to solve. There are a few more tools that will be introduced to students in the near future and I know they will be received with the same enthusiasm. The whole library has a different atmosphere. Students are constantly sharing ideas and helping each other. They feel like a new door has been opened for them at school where they have the opportunity to explore, imagine and create whatever they can dreamup.

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Many thanks to Dover Sherborn parents, community members and friends of DSEF who give generously to enable DSEF to fund grants like these. Please consider donating when a DSEF volunteer calls during the upcoming Annual Phonathon on the evenings of Monday, Feb 2nd and Tuesday. February 3rd. Thank you!