Students Elaborate on Impact of DSEF Grants

The DSEF board members had a treat during their last meeting. Three Dover Sherborn high school students who were impacted by recent DSEF grants spoke about their experiences…

Stephen Cone, A junior spoke eloquently and enthusiastically about his experiences as a member of the Mock Trial Club which DSEF annually supports with a generous grant. The Mock Trial Club puts together a team that competes in the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Education Division Mock Trial competition for schools in Massachusetts.  Students receive a packet of information on the year’s case from the Bar Association, and then meet to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each side of the case. Once these are established, roles are assigned and students practice their arguments for both prosecution/plaintiff and defense.  The Bar then schedules trials at the District Courts, in which the team competes against other schools, trying to move through the rounds to the state championship. Stephen noted the real-life experiences that being in this club provides and expressed his gratitude to the DSEF board for being supportive of the Mock Trial Club. Thanks also to the club’s advisors, Mr. Bourque and Mr. O’Hagan, for their incredible dedication.

Seniors, Alli Fam and Stephanie Van Reit talked about their amazing trip to the Rhode Island School of Design’s Nature Lab and Museum that took place this past fall. Teacher Kristin Osiecki organized the trip for the AP Art students so that they could draw from observation, many of the incredible resources in the Nature Lab like minerals, shells, taxidermy and even live animals. The students also visited the renowned RISD Art Museum as part of their intensive art field trip! This experience also helped these serious art students add to their portfolios. The students noted that the trip inspired them to pursue summer programs or regular degree programs at RISD.

risd pict

Dover Sherborn art students working at a lab at Rhode Island School of Design.

Generous support of DSEF by attending our sponsored events, giving during our upcoming Phonathon and/or making donations via our website, are the reason that we can provide these fantastic experiences to our students. Please consider making a donation when our Phonathon volunteers call to ask for your support on Monday Feb 2nd and Tuesday Feb 3rd.