DSMS Seventh Graders Participate in Project GUTS

DSMS seventh graders are participating in Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically), an award-winning computer science curriculum provided by Code.org and the National Science Foundation (NSF) that embeds computer science practices and concepts into existing middle school science curriculum.

Project GUTS, funded by the Dover Sherborn Education Fund (DSEF), enhances the DSMS science curriculum by giving students the computer science training they need to access year-long computer science courses into their high school careers.

“The days of passive learning from textbooks and kit science experiments are long gone and with changes coming at breakneck speed, we need to enrich our classrooms with tools that can meet the needs of all of our learners,” said Ana Hurley, DSMS seventh grade science teacher.

The infusion of technology in the classroom with a mobile computer science lab allows teachers to provide computer science lessons to students of all abilities and has enhanced their knowledge of seventh grade science curriculum.

“This grant has inspired students to learn computer science while sparking an interest in STEM topics.  I’m so excited that this grant allows me to help prepare our students to be the innovators and inventors of today,” said Ms. Hurley.

The DSEF awarded approximately $107,000  in grants to the Public Schools of Dover and Sherborn for the 2015 – 2016 school year.  Each of the four schools in the system, the high school, middle school, Pine Hill and Chickering, received funds.

In addition to Project GUTS, specific programs funded include the Robotics Club, the Mock Trial program, the Local Poets in the Classroom series, the RISD Museum and Nature Lab program and World Cultures Week.  Also funded are the Brain Matters & Neuroscience program, the Global Competency Certificate program, the Next Generation of Science to revamp the science curriculum at Pine Hill and Chickering, Interactive Electronic Sculpture, and speakers and traveling museum exhibits for Social Studies, as well as many other programs and initiatives.

DSEF grants also continue to support Challenge Success in all DS schools and enabled the purchase of equipment and books for Pine Hill’s Maker Space and Chickering’s Faculty Library.

DSEF conducts two major fundraisers annually – the Fall Gala and the upcoming phonathon, to be held this February 1st and 2nd.  For more information or to contribute, visit: www.dsef.kindful.com.