Did you know?

For over 25 years the Dover Sherborn Education Fund (DSEF), a private, volunteer, non-profit organization has raised over $3,000,000, funding numerous grants through contributions from the local communities of Dover and Sherborn. These funds have been used to enhance art, science, technology, athletics, and cultural enrichment, as well as core academic curriculum in our schools. This school year DSEF is delivering over $120,000 in grants to the Dover and Sherborn public schools. In the last five years alone DSEF has funded over $700,000 in grants making our education fund one of the most successful in the State of Massachusetts!

How does it work?

Each year DSEF challenges our teachers and administrators to write grant proposals. At each school, an Access Committee comprised of teachers, school administrators, school committee members, representatives from the parent teacher organizations, and DSEF Board members prioritize the proposals according to merit, need and availability of funds. Discussions about joint funding with the other parent fundraising organizations in town also take place. No idea is too big or too small for consideration. After a rigorous process, all decisions for funding are made in the spring by the DSEF Board.

How are the funds raised?

The Dover Sherborn Education Fund conducts two major fundraisers each year. These are a fall gala and a February phonathon.

What is our goal?

Once again we are looking to increase the participation rate in the communities of Dover and Sherborn. We feel sure that the more you know about DSEF the more you will see the impact DSEF has on our schools and the more you will want to help support this very worthy fund. There is no doubt that the children of Dover and Sherborn will be the future leaders of our country. Are you making sure that their public education is the best it can possibly be? By making a donation to the Dover Sherborn Education Fund you will insure that the teachers and children at D-S reach their fullest potential as educators and students. Let’s continue the tradition of support for public education that our two towns have historically shown.

What can you do?

Explore this website, and educate yourself about the grants DSEF has funded recently. Consider attending the Fall Gala or making a donation during the February Phonathon. We can’t give money away unless we raise money. Faced with the reality of continuing constraints on public funds and increased school enrollment, the need has never been greater.  Please give.

Meet the DSEF Board

The Board of Directors is a volunteer board comprised of residents from Dover and Sherborn. Co-Presidents chair the board for one year terms. Board members serve on an annual basis and step down from the board at their discretion. The Board meets regularly throughout the school year, from September to June, generally on the first Monday of the month at the Dover-Sherborn Middle school conference room.

2018-2019 DSEF Board Members

Co-Presidents:  Dan Cook, Dover and Kristina Grace, Dover

Treasurer: Tish Gogan, Sherborn

Clerk:  Dr. Andrew W. Keough, Superintendent D-S Regional School District

Executive Administrator: Vacant

Board Members:
Kristiina Almy, Sherborn
Linda Avedekian, Dover
Eric Burt, Dover
Emily Daly, Sherborn
Steve Hauck, Dover
Bill Kane, Dover
Amna Khan, Dover
Stephanie Kube, Dover
Adam Liebhoff, Dover
Maryellen Lynch, Sherborn
Melissa Messier, Sherborn
Sarah O’Connell, Sherborn
Bradley Paster, Dover
Purvi Patel, Dover
Lorelei Randa, Sherborn
Peter Schwartz, Sherborn
Jonathan Schwarz, Sherborn
Chip Spalding (non-voting member), Dover
Mary Waters-Sayer, Dover
Tom Windle, Dover