Challenge Success

In the fall of 2014, the DSEF funded the official launch of the multi-year Challenge Success initiative for grades K – 12. An innovative, research-based program out of the Stanford University School of Education, Challenge Success aims to reduce unhealthy pressures on youth and to champion a broader definition of success in our schools in communities. Continue reading

Pedal-Power: The Construction of a Human-Powered Bike as an Example of Alternative Energy Liz Friedman, Nick Grout, and Mike Sweeney

Why we pursued the grant?

The three of us pursued the grant after having much success with the “Green Monster “project which converted a diesel engine car into one that runs on vegetable oil.  With our society becoming increasingly aware and supportive of alternative energy sources, we feel that providing students with tangible ways for them to embrace sustainability will benefit and inspire them in our progressing energy world.  Continue reading

World Language Curriculum Writer Grant

A $12,000 grant was awarded to Chickering and Pine Hill Schools in support of an elementary world language program.  The purpose of the grant was to start creating a Kindergarten Spanish curriculum that reinforces the current Kindergarten curriculum in the various content areas like math, reading, science, social studies, art, physical education, and music for both elementary schools.  Having a curriculum is the foundation for instruction and assessment that all teachers need to create effective lessons.