For Grant Applicants

Who is eligible to apply?

Any individual or group in the Dover-Sherborn school district.

When are applications due?

Applications can be completed and submitted anytime before and up to February 1st.

How and when are the awards determined?

Grant proposals are reviewed by the Board and decisions are presented in June. Awards are determined by a proposal’s potential impact, both long and short term, on the educational experience and/or cultural enrichment it will provide to the students. Requested funding may be adjusted by the Board after further assessment of the proposal. To encourage collaboration, higher amounts may be awarded to team-based projects.

For what is the award given?

Awards will be considered for any proposal covering academics, arts, athletics, or staff development. The Board particularly encourages proposals for:

  • The development and implementation of exemplary curriculum projects, including interdisciplinary/theme-based curriculum
  • Specific instructional units or strategies
  • Projects that encourage dynamic forms of collaboration and teaming among faculty, faculty and students, or students and students
  • Teacher professional development, as well as enrichment materials. Travel expenses related to any of the above will also be considered
  • Projects using the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks creatively to improve learning and educational opportunities

What is my responsibility if I am the recipient of an award?

Individuals or teams that receive DSEF grants must agree to:

  • Implement their project during the academic year following receipt of the award
  • Submit a short written report/evaluation to the Board by June 30 of that year that documents the progress and outcomes of the project. Photographs are also appreciated.
  • Be willing to assist others in developing proposals and/or implementing similar projects
  • Share information regarding their own project with others at the request of the Board
  • Allow the Board to distribute copies of winning proposals and written reports to interested applicants upon request.

How do I apply?

Complete the Application Form.

Application forms are available for download from the Forms and Applications page.

Please submit an electronic pdf copy to the following:
  • The principal of the school in which your project is to be conducted.
  • Cheryl Ingersoll, Administrative Assistant to the

*Grants can be submitted anytime before and up to February 1st*