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DSEF Awards $195,000 in Grants to Schools

The Dover Sherborn Educational Fund (DSEF) has awarded approximately $195,000 in grants to the Public Schools of Dover and Sherborn for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Each of the four schools in the system, the high school, middle school, Pine Hill and Chickering, received funds stemming from grants authored by educators. Funded grants include art and music, science, and technology initiatives; health and wellness and cultural enrichment; as well as core academic curricula.

Among the specific programs funded this academic year are Expansion College Counseling, Beyond the Hour of Code, Ellis Island World Culture Week, Agents of Change: Full STEAM Ahead, the Robotics Club, the Mock Trial program, and AP and Honors Art at RISD.  Also funded are the Global Competency Certificate program, as well as speakers and traveling museum exhibits for Social Studies.

DSEF grants also enabled the purchase of equipment for Pine Hill’s Maker Space and books for the Pine Hill Library, as well as musical instruments and an Artist in Residence for Chickering, in addition to a ropes course climbing tower for the high school.

DSEF grants will also continue to support the innovative Challenge Success program in all DS schools, as well as SPAN DS, and many other programs and initiatives.

“DSEF recognizes the importance of funding grants that support academic and cultural programs, as well as initiatives that nurture emotional health and resilience that will enable our students to thrive,” said Marcus Hatfield, DSEF Co-President.

For more than thirty years DSEF, a private, volunteer, non-profit organization, has raised well over $3 million for the DS Schools. Funds have been used to enhance art, science and technology programs, athletics, and cultural enrichment, as well as core academic curriculum. In the last eight years alone the DSEF has funded more than $1 million in grants, making it one of the most successful education funds in the Commonwealth.

“Once again, we thank the Dover Sherborn community for their support and for continuing our long history of valuing excellence in education by providing a rich and challenging experience to all Dover Sherborn students,” said Eric Burt, DSEF Co-President.

DSEF conducts two major fundraisers annually – the Fall Gala and the February phonathon.  For more information or to contribute, visit